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Challenge: February is the Month of Love

We all know Valentine's Day is synonymous with love. So what better time for some creativity on the subject of Daniel, Vala and their relationship?

The idea is that someone will post each day on the subject of Daniel, Vala and love. It doesn't necessarily need to focus on the love the characters have for each other. It could be a post on why you love the relationship between Daniel and Vala. It doesn't need to be on the subject of Valentine's Day but you can, of course, focus on the holiday if you wish.

All types of creative works are welcome. You can post fic, icons, artwork, music videos, meta, etc. Whatever floats your boat.

There are 28 days in February. I'd like to see 28 different people take part, one person a day. Comment with the day on which you'd like to participate, first come first served. I'd like to see all the days filled with different people before approving two participants on one day or one participant on two days.

1. cleothemuse
2. bkwurm1
3. earp_girl
4. magnavox_23
5. scifi_tv_addict
6. scifi_tv_addict
7. ivanolix
8. spookyfbi
9. dvshipper
10. oltha_heri
11. magnavox_23
12. berry_hearts
13. caramel_monkey
14. hariboo
15. randomfreshink
16. divinejoker
17. misplaced_angst
18. lissax
19. cleothemuse
20. skypilot_dlm
21. dannysgirlsg1
22. dannysgirlsg1
23. xfirefly9x
24. dannysgirlsg1
25. gioia_gg
26. queenvixta
27. carpenyx
28. magnavox_23

I'll update the list regularly so you can see which days have been taken.

Please comment with your choice of day and/or with any questions.

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