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My Great Vala Meta

So, I just fished a Vala rewatch and it sparkled all kind of Vala (and Vala/Daniel) feelings in me, which I collected in an essay, as a place for all my thoughts and speculations about Vala, her relationship with the Daniel and the rest of the crew and her ties to the Ori arc. Plus there are a few graphics here and there, because I can't resist them and a picture is worth a thousands words, right? :D
Anyway, thought I'd share my meta here too in case anyone is interested since it's very Vala/Daniel focussed (though be warned that in the last part I'll delve a bit into Vala and Tomin's relationship).
The essay is divided in five chunks (for readability's sake and because it turned out to be freaking long LOL):
Part 1: Vala's backstory
Part 2: Vala's personality
Part 3: Vala and Daniel's relationship
Part 4: Vala and the team
Part 5: Adria, Tomin and the Ori
Tags: graphics, meta
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