Twillingvangor (falconsoko) wrote in daniel_vala,

Lost fanfiction


Mathematique AND Force Over Distance BY CleanWhiteRoom

Stargate Universe/ SG-1

Last seen March 18, 2016 on AN ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN

I noticed it was gone when I saw a blank spot in my book marks with only this comment floating below it:

Bookmarker's Notes

"Painfully good. best Vala/Daniel fic I've ever read and they're not even the main characters. I have to look up lots of vocabulary and math and history for this fic and I freaking live for that. Slow burn doesn't even begin to cover it."

I want these fics back, even if they live on my hard drive never to see the light of day again. I believe there is a podfic of it. I think there was a french translation of it too.

Does anyone know what happened to CWR? They have deleted their website, and all of their works. Nothing will load on the WayBackMachine.


and thanks.

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