kehwie (kehwie) wrote in daniel_vala,

Is anyone still here? I hope so...I know activity for this pairing and this fandom has slowed waaaaay down (and may come to a standstill if the reboot takes off). But I still love these two, and I hope others do too.

Anywho, if you're interested I did write a silly little fic.

Title: Color Me Crazy
Author: Kehwie
Pairing: Daniel/Vala
Rating: K+, I guess.
Summary: Vala very much loves the adult coloring trend. Daniel is very much confused by the whole thing. At least at first. (Side note: WHY can't we have an SG-1 coloring book??????)
Word Count: 1641
Spoilers: I'm not spoiling anyone as to who Adria is, right?
Timeline: Post-series, post-movies, post-everything. Daniel and Vala have been dating awhile.

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