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Daniel/Vala LJ Community: fanworks & discussion

"Where's My Daniel?"

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Daniel/Vala Fans
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Relationship of Daniel Jackson & Vala Mal Doran of Stargate SG-1: fanfic, icons, fanart, discussion
Open to all comments, but only Members may post to daniel_vala.
First time posts are screened until a moderator approves the entry (to prevent spam).
Owned & established by matt1969 (aka proverbial_one ),
Co-moderated by campylobacter and sweetiemissy .


Vala & Daniel dolliesDaniel <3 ValaA community for fans of the Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran relationship in Stargate: SG-1. Join us!

Daniel/Vala: They fight, they banter, they have each other's backs,
and they can't keep their hands off each other.

Fan fiction, fan videos, fan art, icons/wallpaper/banners/picspam, screen grabs, meta discussion, comments, recs, requests & MORE welcome! If it's about Daniel/Vala, it's welcome here.
NOTICE: Spoilers for upcoming official Stargate media (episodes, movies, books, comics etc.) are posted in this community.


  1. You must use an LJ-CUT for:
    • SPOILERS (info regarding any upcoming Stargate movies, comics, audio books, SGU episodes, or other Stargate franchise media and its tie-ins). Please report any spoilers not behind a cut to campylobacter via private message if the original poster does not conceal the spoiler after a friendly reminder. New fans join the Stargate fandom all the time; it's common courtesy to mention TIMELINE (which episode or movie your fanwork is based on). It also helps the fans who've seen every episode and movie understand where in the canonical timeline your work is set.
    • LONG CONTENT (fan fiction over 100 words, picspam, animated GIF or icon dumps, wallpapers, meta discussion, multiple embedded videos, etc.) In general, place an LJ-Cut after:
      1. a story header or approx. 2 paragraphs of text,
      2. a preview image no larger than 560x560 pixels
      3. 1 embedded video (560x349 maximum size) 
      4. 3 icons (100x100 each)
    • Read the illustrated tutorial on how to make an LJ-Cut if you need help.

    • This community celebrates the fictional characters Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran and differentiates them from the actors who portray them (Michael Shanks, James Spader, Claudia Black, Stephen Park, April Telek, Barbara Kottmeier, Jason Coleman); please respect their privacy and refrain from discussing the actors' personal lives.
    • All posts must concern the relationship (antagonism, friendship, team, romantic, connubial or sexual etc.) between Daniel and Vala.
    • Announcements and promotions for other fandom communities, events or awards must be applicable to Daniel & Vala. 
    • OT (off-topic) subjects require permission from a moderator; contact matt1969 or campylobacter  via private message.
    • YOU MUST label any additional pairings (Sam/Jack, Sam/Vala, Jack/Daniel, Cam/Carolyn, etc.) and polyamorous relationships (Daniel/Jack/Vala, Daniel/Cam/Vala, etc.) in your fanfic or fanart. This alerts readers of what to expect, as well as helping daniel_vala  members who enjoy those 'ships to find your fanwork in a Search.
    • DO NOT LEAVE the Subject line blank! Clearly state what you're posting.
      example: FANFIC REC: Fluffy Bunnies Viciously Dismember Thor by crackie (NC-17/Adult)
    • (See "Illustrated Guide to posting to Daniel_Vala" for a detailed tutorial and story header template.)
    • Please include a content rating for stories or artwork. (The Fiction Ratings system is most suited to stories, but not as well known as the copyright-protected MPAA movie ratings system; use whatever system at your discretion.)
    • When posting an entire story or other fanwork directly into a daniel_vala  entry (as opposed to linking to it), select the Adult Concepts or Explicit Adult Content flag if posting anything NSFW (not safe for work).
  4. Do not post links (in either Public or Members'-only posts) to illegal/pirated downloads of episodes or movies; we encourage fans to purchase official Stargate merchandise to support the continued production of franchise media. Links included in fanmixes posted here should point to sites that allow purchase of authorized audio files to support the livelihood of musicians & artists.
  5. Share the squee! Set your daniel_vala  posts to Everyone (Public) unless you wish to Member-Lock your content from search engines or are having problems with spambots.
  6. Treat each other with respect. Bullies will be investigated and possibly banned. We have a loving community here, and would like to see that continue.

Please contact campylobacter with any questions, concerns or suggestions via campyspornshack [at] gmail [dot] com, LiveJournal Message, Twitter, or Tumblr Ask Box.

Dollies created by nerca_beyul . Please do not use without permission.

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Rules updated 28 April 2011 per community discussion
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